Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Unexpectedly back in time

Last weekend I was going through some old papers when, unexpectedly, I came across this:

It's the original card that I picked up during our very first ,and unfortunately only, visit to Le Moulin in Saint-Aignan in 2000.

On the back of the card the proprietors, Nelly and Patrick GRANGER, explain why you should come to their restaurant: the situation on the banks of the Cher, the calm atmosphere, the attractive interior, the two terraces (we didn't get to see those as it was raining cats and dogs on that memorable day in June 2000), the labyrinth of gangways, the lounge and the icecream parlour, the traditional cuisine, the warm welcome and the parking lot.

It was all that indeed ... but a bit less glamorous. I wonder if the buxom lady who waited on us was Nelly?



Jean said...

It probably was Nelly. We have been in so many of these husband-and-wife-team restaurants and hotels in France. Not long ago one such proprietor was telling us that many places are closing or selling up as something else because the children don't want to take over and nobody else wants such long hours and hard work. Pity. They are a big part of the character of France.

ladybird said...

Jean: I agree, it's a shame as these places are quite unique. We've always enjoyed eating there. Martine