Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

France or the UK?

Where do you think I photographed this charming cottage?



Jean said...

The shutters make it look very French but the chimney pots could put it in the south of England.

Carolyn said...

If the shutters and trim were blue, I'd vote for France. The open door seems French. The poplars could be in either country. I'm going to guess England.

ladybird said...

Jean and Carolyn, You both have a keen eye for details!

I suggest we give it another 24 hours before unveiling the answer ;). Maybe there are some other readers who would like to take a guess. Martine

Nadege said...

I must be France because if it was England, the grounds would be better kept (in that particular photo).

ladybird said...

Nadege, Thank you for visiting my blog and posting a comment!

And now ladies ... this is the moment of truth: the cottage is set in the village of Fougères-sur-Bièvre in France, some 20 km south of Blois.

Thanks all for participating in this little quiz ;). Martine