Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A sunny October afternoon

Brussels on a sunny October afternoon: the sidewalk terraces come alive!

A very talented street muscian, bringing regular rock&roll and attracting a large crowd!



Nadege said...

I have never been to Brussels, but I know the food is supposed to be amazing and the Belge people I have met are always wonderful.
I am looking forward to find more about Belgium through your blog.

ladybird said...

Hi Nadege, Welcome to my blog and thanks for joining! I hope it'll live up to your expectations. Martine

Leon & Sue Sims said...

Last year we saw the French film "Welcome to the Shticks" I think it was called. A Frenchman who was transferred by La Post to the north. Very funny.
As an avid cyclist, I love watching Paris to Roubaix, especially when Stuey O'Grady won a couple of years back.

ladybird said...

Hi Leon, That film was a big hit indeed. I haven't seen it yet, and wait till it will be on TV, which will be pretty soon I guess. I'm surprised though that it made it all the way to Australia ;), or did you see it in France? Martine