Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Technical Intermezzo

I'm posting a short intermezzo before continuing my series about our Normandy trip. Why?  Because, as part of my new laptop setup, I had a new wireless internet connexion installed, including a great number of international television chains ... and getting everything to work is quite a mindblowing experience. These things look great on paper, but once it comes to getting them to fonction properly ... you need a lot of patience and common sense ... things I seem to lack when I'm stressing.

While I'm struggling with the wiring, the television and decoder commands, etc. please enjoy this peaceful scene of the beach cabines at Yport on the Normandy coast.

I promise I'll be back tomorrow, unless I'm suffering from an internet nervous breakdown!

P.S. Maybe you have some experience with these all-in (telephone, internet surfing and television) solutions. If so, your tips and suggestions are more than welcome.



Jean said...

My advice is
1 Stay calm.
2 Shout at the damn thing a few times.
3 Have a glass of wine.
4 Get a man in who knows how to fix it. !!

Just looking at that lovely picture of the beach huts should remind us all what life is all about. Computers come and go. The beach is forever.

Jean said...

PS I forgot to say, you have my sympathy.

Forget about common sense, it doesn't always apply with computers. Good luck.

Dedene said...

I'd like to change my Internet provider but I'm too scared to go through the new installation and learning curve.
Follow Jean's advice and have a second glass of wine.
Good luck and bon courage!

ladybird said...

Jean, I'll try not to shout too loud as not to disturb the neigbours! Thank you for your sympathy.

Dedene, Thank you for the encourgement. I hope that in a few weeks time I will look back on this with a smile.

As for the wine, ladies, if I were to have a glass each time I want to scream with frustation because the system is not doing what I ask/expect, I would be very drunk be now :)!