Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wednesday Whispers

I've decided to change the title of my Wednesday post.
The most recent entries were not totally 'silent', were they?

A sunny evening in June 2008.
While sipping a cool beer on the terrace of 'Le Bouchon',
the village bar at the foot of the church of Vouvray,
something peculiar caught my eye.
Do you see it too?



Thib said...

wow! Flowers up there?

Jean said...

Well fancy that, a cockerel stuck to the church tower !!

The Beaver said...

The clocks - which one is right ? or have both stop working?

chm said...

In my opinion the most striking thing is that both clocks mark the same time, which means they are in working order! Very unusual.

Of course that has nothing to do with that flower growing in a very peculiar place!

Nadege said...

Snapdraggons growing up there?

ladybird said...

Thib, Yes, very unusual indeed! Pity I didn't have a decent zoom on my camera to take a closer shot :(.

Jean, You're right ... at first sight, the flowers could be mistaken for an acrobatic cockerel :)

The Beaver, Both clocks are working. I think the time looking different is just an optical illusion due to the angle of the photo.

Chm, LOL! But don't those flowers look pretty?

Nadege, Snapdragons; is that what they're called in English? In Dutch we call them 'leeuwenbekken', which means 'lion's mouth'. Different animal, but just as ferocious though!

Susan said...

Maybe Valerian? It's fairly tough and that colour, although the flower heads don't look quite the right shape.

ladybird said...

Susan, In 2009 the flowers were gone. So I guess we'll never know, unless I ask the village priest or 'l'employé communal' if I happen to see one of them this year :)

chm said...

Hi Susan,
Valerian, that's what I thought that flower looked like. The picture is not clear enough to make sure, though.