Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Busy Wednesday ahead

After adapting Thursday’s program, I’ve also made some changes to Wednesday’s planning as well. Blogger friend Jean from A Very Grand Pressigny recommended the market in Loches as one of the best in the area. I have some recollections of visiting it in 2002, but I always thought that the market came to Loches on Thursday.

We returned to Loches on a Monday in 2007 and visited the donjon and the superb exhibition on Agnes Sorel, King Charles VII mistress. We didn’t know about her marble tomb though, which is in the Saint Ours Collégiale in the centre of the medieval town. That alone is reason enough for me to go back there. And then I also would like to climb to the top of the donjon to admire the spectacular view. Recently, Walt, from Another American in France, posted some photos that he took from up there and they were simply breathtaking. During our 2007 visit the steps of the donjon were all wet and slippery from the overnight rainfall and we refrained from climbing them.

And the internet has provided me with some more, new sites to explore! Whist looking for a restaurant in the Loches area, I found a place that looks really very attractive and inviting: La Gerbe d’Or. The trendy interior in historic settings and the very delectable menu card make me want to have lunch there! Prices are reasonable and the reviews are very positive. What more could one wish for?

Some 35 km East of Loches, in Nouans-les-Fontaines, there is a
sheep farm that specializes in the breeding of angora sheep. The farm also has a boutique selling complete knitting kits and finished garments, ranging from socks and gloves, to stylish ponchos. I can very well see myself wearing one of those ponchos! And considering B.’s interest in sewing and knitting, I’m pretty sure she’ll want to buy one of those kits.

One of the main attractions on the Loches - Nouans road is the castle of Montrésor. But I don’t think we’ll have time for a visit. From Nouans it’s only a short drive to Valençay, where I would like to (re)visit the Château and the temporary exhibition of orchids and carnivore plants that I’ve mentioned in an earlier post.

Once again, this program looks too ambitious, especially as we have to be back in Vouvray by 5.30 p.m. for a rendezvous with blogger friends Ken (Living the Life in Saint Aignan) and Walt. They will be driving over to Vouvray in the early afternoon to stock up on some of their favourite bubbly, before joining us at our chambre d’hôtes for drinks and a pizza supper at La Casa Breizh, Vouvray’s local pizza restaurant.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?



Leon and Sue Sims said...

Nice to read your comments as it brought back memories of Loches and Valencay, etc. It is a lovely part of the Loire.

chm said...

Si vous passez par Nouans-les-Fontaines, il est IMPÉRATIF que vous vous y arrêtiez pour admirer dans l'église un très grand tableau du miniaturiste Jean Fouquet [ca 1415—ca 1478], la Piéta de Nouans.

L'un de ses tableaux les plus connus, sinon le plus connu, le diptyque de Melun, qui se trouve au musée royal des Beaux-Arts d'Anvers, représente la Vierge sous les traits d'Agnès Sorel.

Carolyn said...

Won't you have time for even a drive-by of Montresor?

I'm with Jean--the Loches market is wonderful.

I can highly recommend the troglo pizza place on the outskirts of Loches. The pizza and salad are excellent and you can eat on the terrace if it's sunny.

I'll be interested to hear your whole, detailed program for this trip--the "before" will include everything you hope to cram in, and the after" will report what you actually did.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Another place to see is between Loches and Montrésor: La Corroirie, a fortified medieval farm complex.

Jean said...

Loches market is well worth the effort. The town itself is lively and interesting and the château is great, too. It would be a good day out.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you get to meet Walt and Ken! Hope you have a lovely time, and don't buy any of those adorable little angora lambs.

ladybird said...

Leon and Sue, You are so right, but for some reason we seem to neglect this part of la Touraine. I'll try to make up for it this year!

Chm, Thanks for this useful tip. I'm putting it in our Wednesday program.

Carolyn, That pizza place sounds lovely. Thank you for the tip. As for the program, I'll try and mail it to you before we leave as it is too long and complicated to explain in a post.

Ken, I had noticed the name La Coirroirie on the Michelin road map, but I didn't know what it stood for. Thanks for recommending it!

Jean, I love the Logis Royal of Loches and the Agnes Sorel exihibition. I hope my friends will like it as well.

Dedene, It'll be my third meeting with Ken and Walt and I'm sure it'll be fun. And don't worry about me buying a little lamb. Although they are awfully cute, I don't think they would like living in my urban appartement. However, this won't stop me from buying one of those ponchos! :))