Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


During our visit of the Logis Royal of Loches, J.L. spent some time shooting artistic photos of the cute dog statues that guard the entrance of the castle. In the meantime, B. and I wandered off, exploring the gardens and admiring the views.

Bulldog or a bloodhound? What do you think?
Too cute to be fearsome, though.

Looking over one of the garden walls, we saw this …

Cleverly positioned signboards ...
(just click on the picture to enlarge it)

The landlord of this beautiful Bed and Breakfast has found a very clever and non expensive way to advertise his business. The signboards in his garden are perfectly positioned for tourists visiting the Logis to see the telephone number.



Dedene said...

The doggie doesn't look like he's scare anyone away. Maybe he was the pet of the owner.

Those well-positioned signs prove that there are some business-minded folks in France.

Carolyn said...

Quite a doglike expression on that little statue.

Okay, Martine, please explain,what's a marcel? I saw your comment on S&S's blog but figured I'd come here for an answer.

chm said...

Dedene, it was the greatest of all American presidents who said once: "The French don't have a word for entrepreneur." No doubt you recognized GWB, a.k.a Dubbya, the dumbest of all. LOL

chm said...

Carolyn, neither did I know what a marcel was, unless it was a shampoo. It is a sort of sleeveless T-shirt. There is a picture in the link below.

Nadege said...

CHM, j'espere que vous pensez a moi quand vous mangez des harengs fumes.

chm said...

Nadège, bien entendu!

Carolyn said...

chm, I liked the photo, and did you notice this?

création: il fut créé en 1850 en même temps que le chapeau melon.

Quite a mental picture--a sleeveless undershirt and a bowler hat!

ladybird said...

Dedene, Some people have a knack of doing business!

Carolyn, I have little to add to chm's comment, except perhaps that 'marcels' come in all colours, but blue is the most popular.

Chm, I'm surprised that you didn't know what a marcel was. They are so typically French :)

Nadege, From your comment I can guess that you like herrings too.