Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Swedish connection

Last week I received a picture postcard from my longtime friend Mati. She was spending her vacation in Stockholm, Sweden and seemed quite impressed by the beauty of the city. And she's so right!

Her card reminded me of the vacation I spent in Stockholm in 1977. In 1973, whilst staying with my English guest family in Kingsdown, Kent, UK I met a Swedish boy who at the time lived with his parents in Nacka, one of the Swedish capital suburbs. And that's how, in 1977, I had the opportunity to make this fabulous trip to Sweden. During my two weeks stay I visited Stockholm and a fair part of Sweden and Norway.

I know my blog title indicates that I want to be in and write about France ... but this Scandinavian experience is really something I would like to share with you. Interested anyone?



chm said...

Of course we are interested to know all about your adventures so far from the Loire Valley!

Nadege said...

Yes please!

Anonymous said...

Of course! I've been to Denmark, but I'd love to hear about your trip to Sweden.

Sheila said... arm chair

ladybird said...

Chm, Ah, but that was in the old days, before I knew how pretty the Loire Valley is!

Waiter! One slice of Sweden for Nad├Ęge, please! :)

Dedene, Sweden is so totally different from Denmark, which is a pretty country too!

Sheila, Welcome and thank you for posting a comment. Are you sitting comfortably? As we will travel 3000 km (by car) in just five days. Anyway that is what I did in 1977.