Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Spotted in Amboise

A tourist or just one of the locals?
What do you think?



chm said...

According to both the pipe and the hat, he is a German tourist. Period.

The verification word tells me his name is Ackel

The Beaver said...

I was going to say " un touriste excentrique" but I believe that CHM is right :-)

Nadege said...

(lol CHM).
Probably a tourist.

Leon and Sue Sims said...

Maybe the camera is the clue - is it German and not Japanese?

Nadege said...

Leon, I think the pipe is the clue.
Maybe he is a tourist from Belgium.
Martine, what are the cake specialties from Belgium?

The Beaver said...


Hope you were not close-by:

ladybird said...

Chm, 'Ackel'? Sounds more like Austrian to me! ;)

The Beaver, 'Excentrique' is the least you can say!
As for the riots, until April 2007 our offices were located smack in the middle of area where they took place. In May 2007, however, after the merger with another company, we moved to the outskirts of Brussels at about 5 km from the 'scene of the action'. On my way home yesterday, however, I saw a lot of policemen at the main crossroads leading out of the city.

Leon, Good thinking! But I'm inclined to share Chm's and Nadege's idea that the pipe is the give-away.

Nadege, About cakes! The so-called 'quatre-quart' is very popular, but I don't know whether it is really typically Belgian. We're more a tart/pie eating nation: tarte au riz, flan, tarte au sucre, carré confiture, tarte au fromage, Saint-Honoré, Javanais, Misérable, choux, éclairs, glacé, Brésilienne, ... Are you familiar with some of them? Should I do a post on the subject?

P.S. I spotted this tourist in the castle of Amboise. I heard him speaking French to one of the guides, but he had a distinct German accent. That doesn't necessary mean that he was German. But the hat and the pipe certainly point in that direction.

Nadege said...

Martine, you should do a post on
those desserts. Tarte au riz?
Ca doit etre bon.