Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Just a pretty picture

Nothing much is happening for the moment. Three months ago I moved into my new apartment. I've settled in nicely and really enjoy living here. My favourite room is the kitchen with its glorious red wall and matching curtains.

There is still the matter of the lighting fixtures in the living room and the bedroom, but those can wait. I'll worry about those in autumn. Right now, I don't really need any artificial light, except in the mornings when I get up at six to go to work and the curtains are still closed, although outsite the sun is shining. Well, not this morning, because we finally got the rain we have been waiting for for so long.

I'm busy planning my upcoming trip to Deal, and getting a bit nervous about the whole thing.Trains and rooms are booked, payed and confirmed. I'm trying to organize the little time I will be there, meeting and spending time with my friends, a visit to Deal castle, a bus ride into Kingsdown and/or Canterbury, the pubs where I want to have a drink or a meal, the shopping in High Street, and ... very important ... a possible meeting with blog friends! I'm so looking forward to this. But more about that later. In the meanwhile, enjoy the above photo of a very pretty English rose from my mother's garden.


Mark said...

Resting is nice too. At least that's what I hear.
Take care of yourself. Mark

GaynorB said...

And why not just a pretty picture .....?

Niall & Antoinette said...

Our roses are mostly finished :-(
It seems they are single flowering.

Patricia Steele said...

It's nice to see a rose in bloom, ours are still in bud.
I'm sure you'll have a wonderful trip can't wait to hear all about it and see some lovely photos

ladybird said...

Mark, It is; you should try it ... at least once!

Gaynor, You are so right.

N & A, We still have some roses going, but the season will soon be over.

Patricia, Thank you. I'm secretely hoping for a photo of a spectacular sunset over the English Channel.

Louise said...

Martine I have been really enjoying catching up on your posts since my return from the South Pacific. I hope my bougainvillea which has been heavily cut back recovers as well as your mother's walnut tree.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martine
I always get nervous about going on trips too, I expect it's just the anticipation. Rest assured though....check out the Deal website and you will see for yourself that WHSmith is there on the right hand side.....but with a worrying TO LET sign above.....let's hope it's just the space above the shop. You will soon find out.

ladybird said...

Louise, Nice to read you again. Hope you had a nice time in the South Pacific! Good luck with the bougainvillea!

Veronica, I can't wait to get there. Little over two more weeks to go ...