Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hi Rod!

What happened before.

I walked all the length of the pier, shooting photos of the seagulls, the waves and the clouds. Then I turned back, as it was almost time for my rendezvous with my friends Mats and Teresa.

In the distance I saw two men walking towards me. One was a short, pot-bellied, almost bald guy. The other one was tall and slim. He had bleached blond hair, was clad in a white T-shirt and jeans. They both carried walking sticks and were obviously having a good time.

When they came closer, I couldn't believe my eyes. The tall, blond man was Rod Stewart! Well, at least from that distance, I would have sworn it was him. I discretely tried to make a photo of them, but the pot-bellied man saw me pointing my camera at them. He tapped his companion on the shoulder and I heard him say: "Hey, the lady is taking our photo." Rod Stewart turned towards me and ... then I saw that it wasn't him, but just one of the locals who really was doing his best to look like the rock star. I'm sure he was well aware of the striking resemblance and had deliberately added to it by dying his hair and cutting it in the same porcupine style.

The seafront promenade in Deal, seen from the pier,
with on the right, the local Rod Stewart.

Cheerfully they posed for me, before continuing their walk towards the pier-head. When I looked at the photo later I realized that they had been too far to capture the resemblance. But I promise you, the guy really was the spitting image of Rod Stewart. I wonder whether he had the same raw voice!


Craig said...

I think that Rod is more Antibes than
Deal so it must have been a look-a-like. Unless he's hard up at the moment I suppose! I'm glad that the per is in better shape than when you were last there. I rather like a a good pier.

The Beaver said...


From what I can recall, Rod Stewart looks short to me - not a tall blond :-)

Read somewhere that "I get annoyed when people say, 'There's little Rod Stewart with Penny Lancaster.' That really gets on my nerves. I am almost 1.56 metres (5-feet, 2-inches) tall." Quote from a US TV interview.

ladybird said...

Craig, You're probably right. Deal is far too cold and windy for a rock star!

The Beaver, That's really short indeed. For a man, I mean. I didn't know that. He looks so tall on stage. Maybe he wears platform shoes! :)