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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A surprise call

While I was doing some last minute shopping this morning, I had an incoming call on my mobile phone. It turned out to be my longtime Swedish friend Mats. Mats is one of the people who will take part in our small reunion of former language students and hosts. We met for the first time in 1973, during my second trip to Kingsdown/Deal. So we go a very long way back too.

Mats is the boy sitting on top right in the photo I posted yesterday. And here's a photo of the two of us in Canterbury in 1974.

No jokes about the 'elephant jeans' and platform shoes, please!

Mats called me this morning just to let me know that he was already in France, waiting to drive his car unto the Eurotunnel train. He has left Sweden on Sunday, and has driven all the way down to France to cross the Channel at Calais. He'll arrive in  Deal sometime this afternoon and will  be at the B&B, where he has also booked a room, to welcome me when I arrive around 8 p.m. local time.

I guess we'll go out for drinks and a light meal before 'hitting the sack'  because it will have been a long day for all of us. And tomorrow we'll be taking a trip down memory lane ... straight back to the seventies!

P.S. Actually, there have been TWO surprise calls! The first one came last night from Bob and Pat, my lovely new friends from Atlanta who visited Brussels just a month ago. They called me, all the way from the States, 'simply' to wish me a nice and safe trip. How sweet of them! I just can't get over it! Thank you Bob and Pat!


Mark said...

Martine, you look great! I love that photo. I wish that I had more of me from the 70s.
I can't wait for your reunion and I'm not even going. You should have a great time. Make sure you bring your ABBA collection. m.
p.s. Tell Mats I said "hi". m.

Craig said...

I'm not going to make any smart comments regarding the jeans Martine as I was just as guilty. I remember wearing platform shoes and I was already 6-4 so you can imagine how stupid I looked! You both look very cute in that photo!
Have an excellent time!

The Beaver said...


Platform shoes are back in fashion.
Have a nice and pleasant trip ( the one down memory lane also) and hope the weather will cooperate.

GaynorB said...

Have a wonderful time along memory lane Martine. Don't forget to tell us all about it!