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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Not an optical illusion

This will be a very short post, as I have had my share of (copy)writing at the office today! We're in the middle of an important product launch, requiring a brochure, leaflet, flyer, poster and a list of FAQ's. And the deadline is Friday! I hope we'll make it.

But just to thank you for dropping in, here's a photo of what is probably the most famous house in Canterbury. Mats and I visited this lovely town on the second day of my short stay in Deal in the beginning of July.

I have no idea why the door is all crooked. Could it be a construction error or just a quirky gimmick the owner ordered to have a unique house? There may be some explanation on the internet, but I just don't have time to look it up right now. Or maybe you know the answer ... Tell me: what do you think?


Mark said...

I think I would fall over walking into that house.

Craig said...

I have no idea but I love the fact that it's marked as "To Let"! Best of luck with that!

Jean said...

I bet they didn't ask for planning permission before they built it !! I wonder if it's just as wonky inside.

Leon and Sue Sims said...

Now there's a word I like - Wonky. Maybe we could add Dodgy to that as well for the house.

Patricia Steele said...

Hi, I'm thinking Chaucer,Canterbury Tales,maybe he lived there a short time, not sure.

The Beaver said...


The astounding lean is actually supported internally by a steel cage and accentuated by the door which is a recent addition.

Bob said...

they should turn it into a bar so everything would look NORMAL!!!!!!

ladybird said...

Mark, I suppose, or at least I hope, that the floors are nice and horizontal. :)

Craig, Wouldn't you like to live in a 'wonky' house like that?

Jean, Do you think you needed building permission in the dark age when this house was built? Btw, thanks for teaching me the word 'wonky'; like Leo, I like it!

L&S, 'Dodgy' is the right word for it too.

Patricia, It looks like the kind of house where a writer could have lived!

The Beaver, Thank you for shedding some light on this mystery. I suppose the steel case wasn't an orginal feature, but that it was added in modern times to prevent the house from collapsing.

Bob, LOL. It all depends on how many beers you've had, I suppose!

The Beaver said...


You have some details here:

ladybird said...

The Beaver, Thank you so much for this very interesting link. I hope they can save the building as the repport isn't very encouraging. Somehow it makes me think of the leaning tower of Pisa :) although the cause of the tilt isn't quite the same. Thanks again for taking the trouble of looking this up for me and my readers.