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Saturday, 18 August 2012

What’s hot in Brussels ?

If you’re expecting a post about nightclubs, bars and other places of nightly entrainment, you’ll be disappointed. This post is all about a bi-annual event that not only blows the tourists' socks off, but also attracts a lot of Belgians. I’m talking about the unique flower carpet that is ‘rolled out’ on the world famous Brussels’ Grand’ Place. 

The carpet, which measures 77 by 24 metres, is made up of almost 1,000,000 begonia flowers. It is punt into place in 4 hours time by 120 begonia growers and volunteers.

Where to start?

Almost done!

The carpet features a different theme every two years. This time ‘Africa’ is put in the spotlights, with reproductions of authentic fabrics and symbols from the African continent.

The final result.

If you still want to see the carpet in real life – free of charge on ground level, 5 euro per person if you want to go up to the balcony of the city hall to have a general overview – you will have to hurry though, as tomorrow, Sunday, Aug. 19th, is the last day. Moreover, our current heat wave isn’t doing the carpet any good. Overnight approx. 50,000 flowers had to be replaced to preserve the colour pattern. We’ve been having very high temperatures since Wednesday, with an over 30°C peak on Thursday and 34°-36°C expected for today and tomorrow. 
While I’m typing this the temperature in my apartment has risen to a still ‘comfortable’ 28°C. But I know that by this afternoon, 30°C will not be far away!! But I’ve taken my precautions and have invested in … 


Bob said...

What a beautiful display. Wish we could be there to see it in person. I've seen promotional photos of the display before and wondered what the reason was for the display. Now I know. Thanks.

Jean said...

How lovely. It's similar in a way to the Derbyshire custom of well dressing, but here the displays are vertical, about 2 metres high, and the pattern is made of individual petals pressed into clay. Luckily with our cooler and usually wet summers they last about a week.

.....and I think your investment is either a portable air-con unit, or maybe an extra ice-cube tray !!

Louise said...

Martine, thank you for this post about the mentioned some months ago that the spectacle occurred in is truly beautiful. It sounds as if Europe is experiencing an Aussie style summer! I hope you have a...portable sir conditioner?

Niall & Antoinette said...

What a superb display!
Hot here too, very hot 39/40C yesterday!!

ladybird said...

Bob, You're welcome! I didn't go and see it myself, but the images on tv were fabulous.

Jean, My investment is a cooling device indeed, but it's lighter than a portable air-con unit yet heavier that an ice-cube tray.

Louise, The heat was extreme and unbearable over the weekend. Now it has cooled down a bit, but sleeping is still a problem, despite my recent investment.

N&A, 39/40C, can't beat that!!! I hope your house is nice and cool inside. Older houses usually are.

VirginiaC said...

This floral display was gorgeous...maybe one of these days I will see it in person when I travel to your part of the world....thanks for posting Martine!

ladybird said...

Virginia, The 'carpet' is a bi-annual event. So remember to come over in an 'even' year! :)