Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Exotic splendour

Thaw has set in and the snow that fell on Sunday, January 20th is slowly but surely melting. The odd pile here and there, where people had cleared their driveway is still lingering along, looking greyish and dreary. Not a pretty sight, compared to the pristine look the freshly fallen snow provided.

Nevertheless, I’m glad it’s over. Snow, freezing temperatures, dangerous driving conditions … No thank you! Give me a nice and sunny spring day anytime.

I can hardly wait for the first snowdrops, daffodils and tulips to appear. We have them in the shops already, but they look so weak and fragile that I’m afraid to buy them. I have a feeling that they won’t last very long outside the hothouses in which they have been grown.


In the meantime, I’m enjoying the exotic splendour of my orchids. Since a put half a fertilizer stick in between the roots of each plant, they have been producing the most beautiful flowers. They obviously enjoying the extra boost the fertilizer is giving them, as well as the rare and weak rays of wintery sun. These plants are at least three years old and are flowering for the third or sometimes even fourth time.


I’ve told all my friends not to bring me any more orchids for the time being, as I simply don’t know where to put them all … especially now that they seem to be competing with each other in an attempt to produce the biggest and prettiest flowers …


The Broad said...

I am so impressed with those orchids! We have only had blooms once and didn't even realize that the plant being watered was an orchid! Then Christmas 2011 three gorgeous stalks appeared with beautiful blooms on each one! I think we've had that plant over 10 years! Nothing this past Christmas! As you can tell from this comment we are rather haphazard gardeners!!

Ken Broadhurst said...


Niall & Antoinette said...

gorgeous! ours keep flowering too

VirginiaC said...

Those are gorgeous blooms Martine...I'm actually a bit envious my dear.
I think my orchid babies may need some fertiizer too.

Carolyn said...

I could not grow orchids to save my soul. It must take something special which you obviously have.

Jean said...

We have several orchids but they all seem to be dormant at the moment. Yours are beautiful.

Like you, I am so glad to see the snow gone, except that we still have two large piles on the drive from all the shovelling we did, even though it was 14°C when I came home this evening!
Someone told me that people were being encouraged to build piles of snow or snowmen because it would then melt more slowly and not contribute so much to the risk of flooding due to the over saturated ground. An interesting theory.

Anonymous said...

I have had orchids in the past but always manage to kill them, I thought, but maybe they just needed fertiliser after all. I must try them again.

Sunny Fields said...

The beauty of flowers is so uplifting. Even if they fail to survive they have given you beautiful photos to enjoy.
Flowers and birds are two of my favourite things. Of course, France is my favourite and the Loire is where I see amazing flowers everywhere and the most melodious song from the tiniest bird.

ladybird said...

Kathie, The fertilizer sticks do wonders. Maybe you should get some ... if your plants are still alive;)

Ken, Thanks. I enjoy them a lot.

N&A, Must be the good Touraine air.

Virginia, In your climate, growing orchids shouldn't be a problem.

Carolyn, Good fertilizer?!! ;)

Jean, Saw on your blog that you have snow ... again. We might have some too later tonight and tomorrow morning. Hope it's a false alert!

Vicky, Fertilizer and a lot of patience and not too much water.

Sunny, Welcome! No wonder the Loire Valley is called the 'Garden of France'. If I were a bird, I would feel really happy there too :)

Craig said...

Hi Martine. A long time since my last comment on your blog. I'm pleased to hear that you are well. An orchid which re blooms is such a treat. Have you tried Cymbidium cold weather orchids? Perfect for a cool porch they are large plants but with impressively large blooms.
All the best. I look forward to catching up with your news.