Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A photo post

Life at the office is rather hectic these days. I therefore have little time to write a full page blog. But don't worry, I still have scores of photos to show you. Here are some I shot at Candes-Saint-Martin, 'Un des plus beaux villages de France'. 

As I mentioned before it is my favourite spot in the Loire Valley. However, I wouldn't want to live there or even spend a vacation as, although there are two very nice B&B's. But apart from its idyllic and picturesque beauty, the village has very little to offer, that is commodities-wise. It's more an 'artist-kind' of village. There is one restaurant - a very fine one - where we enjoyed a very nice lunch in 2000, and one café/bar. And on Tuesdays a butcher van visits the village (maybe on other days too). There is no baker or grocery store though. So you need to take the car to drive to the nearby Montsoreau to do the elementary shopping.

But if you are looking for peace and quiet and a place to forget the daily stress ... Candes-Saint-Martin is the place to be. I'll let you be the judge ...

 Standing on the porch of the church ... across the road,
the rue Saint-Martin, with in the background, the River.

The rue rue Saint-Martin.

The confluent of the Loire and the Vienne.
View from the old port at the bottom of the rue Saint-Martin.

The old port, seen from the bridge over the Vienne.

I have only one word for this ... Zen!

My next post will be about our lunch at 'L'Hélianthe'. Here's an 'avant-goût'.

Our starter: a fluffy fish mousse and airy lemon juice 'quenelle'.


Niall & Antoinette said...

Seems to be the fashion, the zig zag of balsamic reduction. Recently we had lunch somewhere where our plates had it too.

VirginiaC said...

So peaceful....I could while away many lazy days there.
I could have sworn I left a comment to your "Spoiled View" post but I don't see it.

Craig said...

It does look idyllic Martine, but you're right, peace and quiet is all very well but it needs to be coupled with convenience.

ladybird said...

N&A, It seems to be a popular 'gimmick' indeed. I like the look of it but am not a big fan of its taste. Too syrupy! :)

Virginia, Sorry Virginia, but I didn't receive your comment on 'Spoiled view' ... one of the mysteries of blogger, I guess.

Craig, When on vacation, I want to have everything close at hand ... Now, how lazy can one get!?