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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Proudly presenting

Well here it is ... my new snug office corner at home! It's ideally located near the radiator - nice and warm in winter - and close to the window - for some fresh air in summer.

The ergo-top, keyboard, mouse and laptop 
were gracefully supplied by my employer.
Btw, we also received a mobile phone.
The printer is mine.

The desk isn't new. I bought it  some ten years ago, when I got my first home computer. A desktop which I threw out in 2011 when I moved into this apartment. It had been derelict for more than a year then and I had replaced it by my former laptop, which caught a bad virus in the beginning of the year.

But back to the desk. I has been sitting in my second bedroom (used as a storage room) since I moved here in March 2011. When I learnt about the teleworking I decided to get it out again, because it doesn't take up too much room, and perfectly fits in the corner by the radiator and the window. Moreover, it blends in beautifully with the rest of the furniture, the curtains, the new office chair, etc. Tell me, do you like it?


GaynorB said...

Hi Martine,
Your working environment is cosy and I'm glad you are looking forward to the change to home working. Will it be every day? Tim found its bit lonely at first but loved the extra freedom it brought.

If anything, he does longer hours but doesn't have the travelling to contend with every day. He can also organise his day to suit himself. On the. Downside he sometimes finds it difficult to switch off from work as it is so easy to keep going back to it.

I hope you can find the right balance.

chm said...

What I like best is the location near the radiator! Lol

Bob said...

Looks like you are all set to go! You have a nice cozy spot to "work." Let us know what "distractions" interrupt your productivity.

VirginiaC said...

Love it....I'm sure you'll get tons of work done in this cozy corner.

Niall & Antoinette said...

It all looks very cosy.
When we lived in Suffolk I used to work part of the week in the office in London and part of the week from home. I really enjoyed the mix :-) Hope you do too.

ladybird said...

Gaynor, I think I have enough discipline (or should I call it laziness) to stop working at a reasonable hour. Although I must admit that I DID work for a couple of hours on Friday - my extra day off (beside the weekend) since April 2009 :)

Chm, No more cold feet or frozen nose in winter! Not so sure about summer though as it can get pretty warm near that large floor-to-ceiling window.

Bob, To be honest, I sometimes miss the 'distractions' and occasional banter with the 'girls' ... But I do get so much more work done in so much less time.

Virginia, Glad you like it. And it's a great spot to do some serious copy-writing, especially when it's a new subject.

N&A, Thursday will be my third day of teleworking (one day per week). I hope that pretty soon it'll become two days/week. We're still in a test phase and all depends now on the way in which we 'behave' :)

leon sims said...

Love working from home two days a week.

Nadege said...

2 days a week would be a great arrangement for you, and your company. It looks like you found the perfect spot. I love the color of the wallpaper.