Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Wet and stormy

I've just returned from my daily visit with my mum. Although it's only a short walk - and by 'short' I mean really short ... 25 m max! ... and less than 15 seconds in the open ... I'm soaked. I forgot to take an umbrella, and even if I had had one, it would have been blown away.

Photo: www.nieuwsblad .be

A new storm is moving in. It's not as bad as the ones the UK is experiencing. I really hope all my friends - blog and other - are safe and dry! 

The weather forecast for the next days, into the weekend, is expected to be stormy and wet. Similar to the one we had last week, when trees were blown over, blocking motorways like seen in the photo above.

But although I don't like the current weather, I'm not complaining. Especially when I think of all the people who have their houses flooded, their roofs blown away, or ... on the other side of the Atlantic, experiencing Arctic temperatures and in the southern hemisphere, trying to protect their houses against raging fires. 

Let's hope spring will come soon, with crisp yet sunny days, tweeting birds and flowers popping up all around us. Let's hope also that March and April won't bring frost, snow and icy roads ...

In the meantime, take care where ever you are!


Anonymous said...

Although the rain and wind have been so strong here on the south coast, it' s little in comparison to the poor people in the south west, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. Also now the Thames is flooding west of London causing misery for hundreds of people. I really am counting my blessings and am grateful to be warm and dry. Hope you are ok too and all other blog friends suffering extreme weather conditions at the moment.

Nadege said...

I do hope for you the weather improves very soon. Yesterday morning was very foggy in my area. We were all happy because we had "weather". It was a nice change from the almost perpetual sunshine we always have.

The Broad said...

I hope the UK is giving you some protection from the wet and windy conditions that are never-ending here! Hope we will all be all sharing a lovely sunny Spring very soon!

Leon Sims said...

It hasn't been a good winter for you in the Northern Hemisphere.
Down here we have experienced heat waves and bushfires although today the rain is sweeping across south Australia and Victoria putting to rest the fires.

Louise said...

Martine, I always watch your weather "over there"and you certainly have had a rough winter...unlike Leon and Sue in Melbourne we, in Western Australia, haven't had any rain or cooler weather...for the next week our minimum temp is 20 and the maximum around 38, and hopfully no more bushfires...waiting for autumn!

Carolyn said...

Hi Martine, I hope by now things have improved for you weatherwise. Winter is more than half over by now, the days are getting longer,and the sun is out here today. I am sending you our good weather.

ladybird said...

Veronica, Glad to read that you are safe. My sympathy goes to all the poor people whose house is flooded. It'll take years to get rid of the damp!

Nadege, The rain has stopped ;.. for a while, but more rain is expected by Wednesday.

Kathie, Having the UK as a wall against the storms, certainly helps. Spring-like weather is expected for today and tomorrow.

Leon, I don't know what the fear most: water of fire. Take care!

Louise, Hope your autumn will be nice and sunny, with the occasional drop of rain to give nature a chance to regenerate.

Carolyn, No blizzards for you then? Thanks for sending some of your good weather. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be dry, sunny and warm (13-14°C).