Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sun, rain ... and summery food

This morning, I had some last minute shopping to do for today's and tomorrow's lunch. Although the walk into the village takes less then 10 minutes, I hesitated about taking the car. Shame on me ... I know. But the sky was rather menacing, and dragging a shopping bag up the road, holding an umbrella can be a bit of a challenge.

After studying the sky for a while, I decided to take the risk. In fact, I felt quite adventurous and didn't take an umbrella. It turned out to be a very smooth shopping trip: no rain, no wind, no queues at the bakery ...

At my mother's request today's lunch was an 'assiette anglaise'. This it what it looked like. It serves two.

The ham roll on the right is bigger than the one on the left, because my mother is a big fan of 'macédoine'!

It contains several cold meat cuts: ham stuffed with a 'macedoine de légumes' salad. Two points for who knows what that means. Meat-wise there are 'filet d'anvers', 'filet de saxe' and 'pain de veau'. One point for each type of meat! They are served on a bed of lettuce leaves (three types), some tomatoes and hard boiled eggs. 

Before serving, I sprinkled some Portuguese olive, freshly ground white pepper and French coarse sea salt over it. We had this summery dish with some pan-fried potatoes and a few slices of baguette.

Right now, it's raining and the forecast for tomorrow is even more rain. It does not really bother me, because I have to work - from home - although it's Sunday, because we have a big product launch on Tuesday. Wish me luck!


Nadege said...

I haven't had macedoine de legunes in a long time. Easy to make so there is no excuses not to make it. Meals are so different in the US compare to Europe. Good luck on tuesday!

GaynorB said...

Good luck on Tuesday, Martine. I'm sure you'll be prepared.

Susan said...

Macedoine is the cheffy name for small dice. The meat I don't know.

Bob said...

Goog luck!

chm said...

Keep my fingers crossed for Tuesday. Good luck. Everything will turn out fine.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Thanks for the salade macédoine idea, Martine. I have all the makings and we have company coming from California on Thursday. Perfect, along with some ham and maybe œufs durs / mayonnaise.

The Beaver said...

Hope every thing went down well for the launch.
And also that Belgium will have a good match tonight ( afternoon for us)

ladybird said...

To all, thank you for your 'good luck' wishes. It was a blood, sweat and tears (well not the latter, just a lot of stress)thing, but I think we've managed it. We'll see the results on the internet tomorrow morning (mind you only in Belgium, so don't bother looking for it :))!

Susan, you win the two points!

Nadege and Ken, Macédoine is just one of those 'forgotten' dishes. I remember my grandmother making it only on special occasions. It was considered as 'posh' food in those days. Ken, I hope your friends from California will enjoy it!

TB, The whole country is hoping the same thing. It's a very young team, but they have done fine so far. Would be really fabulous to see them in the quarter final. Thank you for your support! :)