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Monday, 14 July 2014

Un avion ...

After that dreadful post about the fire - I hope it didn't spoil your weekend -
here's a song to make up for the horror it may have brought into your homes.

You may need to listen to it a few times to really appreciate it.
It's so beautiful and the lyrics are so pure. Real French 'chanson' at its best!

Enjoy, and let me know what effect it has on you.
As far as I'm concerned, I'm completely 'smitten'.

The lyrics are a bit hard to read in the video,
but I'll post them tomorrow, for you to fully appreciate the beauty of it all.


Autolycus said...

Interesting. Do I detect a Belgian accent there?

(Btw the "view full screen" option takes care of the problem with viewing the lyrics)

Nadege said...

That is a pretty song. It is interesting how he pronounced the "liaison - passer un avion" but omitted it for "je n'ai plus aucune chance".
I never hear french songs anymore unless you or Ken post them. I like "The black eye peas", "Katy Perry", "Usher"… such different style compare to french music.

Rhodesia said...

Now if only my connection was faster and did not get the hiccups!! Take care Diane

The Beaver said...


Some info ( French can't find it in English) on Klaas Delrue:├žais

Louise said...

Thank you for this has brightened my day after the disaster in the air this morning which took 27 Australian lives...this pretty song reminds me that I still love to travel by plane...and thanks to the lyrics it assists my French as well. Best wishes, Louise

ladybird said...

Autolycus, You are so right. Klaas Delrue is Belgian ... and Flemish speaking, hence the accent, which, btw I like :).

Nadege, I've noticed the 'liaison' too. I think he must have had a French coach. Belgians rarely make these 'liaisons' and if they do, they are less obvious.

Diane, Sorry your internet let you down :)

TB, ;)!! But to be honest, when I heard the song for the very first time, without knowing who the artist was, I thought he was Canadian. Please don't shoot me if I've offended you (lol).

Louise, It's dreadful, isn't it? And the political 'game' that we are watching now is so distressing, for the families but also for the rest of the world.

I'm glad you enjoyed the song.