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Monday, 8 September 2014

Leuven - the end (for now)

Okay, it's time for me to update you on the rest of my Leuven trips. Let's start with the most recent one, the one with my friend and colleague F. After a short shopping spree, we ended up on a sunlit terrace offering a splendid view of the 15-16th century town-hall. 

We were in luck with the weather. I think it was the only morning in August that it didn't rain and that the sun was nice and warm. We both had a summery Mojito cocktail. I usually don't drink cocktails, because I find them too strong and the mixture of different types of liquor doesn't really agree with me. But I do like the occasional Mojito. This one was particular nice and refreshing as it contained only the slightest 'soup├žon' of rum. A lot of fresh mint and crushed ice... perfect. F. had a Mojito too and we enjoyed sipping it, discussing the latest office gossip ... Ahhh, that's what girls like best!

A delicious Mojito. 
Do you like cocktails? And what's your favourite?

After our drink we had lunch at my favourite Leuven restaurant, Kokoon. To F., it was a new experience and I think she enjoyed it. By half past three, we decided to call it a day. F. had to work the next day - I had the rest of the week off - and she still had some household chores to see to. I accompanied her to her car and then made my way to the bus-stop, where I ran into an elderly couple who lives nearby. In the sixties their daughter and I used to walk to school together and it was really nice catching up on the latest family news on the bus-ride home.

A typical Leuven street scene.
During the academic year scores of students on bikes are crossing this street.
This was August after all.

Back at my mother's, I gave her a full account of my day out while she unwrapped her shopping items. All the time I was crossing my fingers, as I know that she has some pretty fixed ideas on what she wants. To my surprise I got a straight A! She particularly liked the warm, sheep-skinned lined slippers I bought.

Well, that's all about my recent trip to Leuven. I hope to return soon for some more shopping and photos to share.

The former post office. Today a beauty-store!

In the meantime here are the last photos in the series of my trip to Leuven with my English friends V. and S. I hope you'll enjoy them.

April 2014: Beer tasting - three different flavours, from mild over medium to strong.
Can you guess which was the strongest?

Medieval street view, not unlike Canterbury.In the background, the famous Leuven townhall. 

V. and S. sitting on the 'Kotmadam's' bench.
Click on the link to learn more about the 'Kotmadam'.


chm said...

It is always a pleasure to look at pictures of Leuven. Glad everything went well.

VirginiaC said...

Interesting day out with your girlfriend...loved the city photos.
I'm glad that your Mum liked all the stuff that you bought her...Mums can be hard to please sometimes.

Carolyn said...

Leuven looks like a pleasant town. It's always fun to hear about your days out.

ladybird said...

Chm, Leuven has so much to offer. I should visit the town more often.

Virginia, You are right: mums are difficult to please. But this time I managed to buy the right things :)

Carolyn, I'm sure you would like Leuven. Maybe one day? :)