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Friday, 19 December 2014

Signed, sealed and delivered

You may have wondered where I had gone to. Nowhere! I've just been terribly busy. My mother's upcoming move to her new service flat requires a lot of red-tape. And then there is my job. As I mentioned before ... no peace for the wicked!

Let me fill you in on what happened since my last post.

We signed the lease on the flat on Dec. 5th. We were handed the keys and last Friday I visited the flat with a decorator who will freshen up the walls with a new coat of paint. Apart from that, I've been dealing with the paper work: future fire insurance, electricity, water and telephone bills ... contacting the moving company, getting the required boxes, buying some new furniture, because the old stuff won't fit in or is too old (outdated) to move into the new flat. Measuring up windows to see whether the existing curtains will fit in the new flat ... etc.

The living room. 
We brought in the chairs today so that the decorator
has something to sit on when he eats his lunch.

Not to mention: keeping my mother happy and motivated. She's looking forward to her new place, but I can feel that she sometimes feels sad and anxious. The new flat is full of electronic gadgets, most of which are rather puzzling ... even to me. I try to reassure her, telling her everything will be fine and that she will be very happy there. Remains the fact though that she has lived in her house for the last 65 years. She moved in in 1950 as a young bride and never had to pack up to move to another place. Being 'de-rooted' at the age of 86 must be quite upsetting.

The living room, kitchen and hallway.
On the left, the door to a very spacious bedroom.

I'm posting some photos of the flat now that is still empty. I may be posting some more when the paint job is done. After that, I will respect my mother's privacy. So there will be no photos of the final result.


chm said...

I feel for your mother, but I'm glad she's positive about the whole thing.
At our age, nothing is easy!

Bob said...

Wishing you a smooth transition for the move.

The Beaver said...

It is understandable about your mum's reactions. 65 yrs is a lifetime and there are a lot of memories in that house.
Good to read that she is positive about the move from a house to a flat.
Looks like a nice apartment btw.

Carolyn said...

It looks very nice. I think your mother will like the view and the layout of the apartment. I'm looking forward to seeing the new colors on the walls.

Tell your mother we are all wishing her well with this move!

VirginiaC said...

Can you give your Mum a warm hug for me and tell her that everything will be okay?
I understand her anxiousness about her imminent move, but I know you will feel a lot better with her being in her new service flat and not having to worry about her unduly.

Louise said...

Martine, it is very difficult for everyone concerned when a parent has to leave their family home...I do hope the move is uneventful and that you both enjoy the Christmas Season together.

ladybird said...

Chm, Thank you. I'm sure she will have her ups and downs, but on the whole, she'll like living in her new flat.

Bob, Thanks, I'm dreading the move and the fact that I then need to empty the house and putting it up forsale.

TB, The flat is lovely and will look even better when the decorator has done his job.

Carolyn, View is beautiful, lots of trees and flowers.

Virginia, I'll be happy when she's in her new flat because the upkeep of the house is really too hard for mother.

Louise, Leaving and selling the house will be very emotional ... for both of us.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I hope your mum's move goes well , I understand that this is going to be sad, and with lots of memories. I am happy to read that she is feeling positive.

I could not imagine living in a place that long, this is the longest and we are only at nine years,,, Tell your mum , her apartment looks great,

ladybird said...

Thank you Anne. My mother most appreciated your nice comment and wishes. Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season and New Year's Eve.