Candes Saint-Martin, my favourite spot in La Touraine.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Settling in and making friends

The French speaking people in the hotel lobby who – like me – were waiting for their room, turned out to be a dynamic and adventurous couple of eighty-year-olds living in Brussels. Especially the lady named C., was very talkative and determined to make new friends. After 15 minutes we got on like a house on fire, and before I realized it they had agreed to accompany me on my next day’s 6 hour private taxi tour of the island.

A room with a view to die for.

I had booked the tour via the internet in April. There are several private taxi companies on Corfu that you can book for a 3 -4 –5 or max. 6 hour tour. The majority of their clients are people cruising the Mediterranean on huge and luxurious cruise ships which dock into local ports. Most of the time the passengers are given 4 hours ‘shore leave’ to visit the main tourists sites. The cruise ship offers coach tours, but some people prefer the individual approach. But more about that later.

Hotel lobby and bar.

Around 1 p.m. the girl at reception came to tell me that my room was ready. The hotel had several types of rooms, ranging from bungalows with private (mini pool), garden view rooms, bay view rooms, sea view rooms and junior suites. Before I forget, they also have a Presidential suite (penthouse)! When I had booked my holiday in March I had opted for a bay view room. When you’re on an island you want to see the sea, don’t you? However, watching people ‘grilling’ in the sun on a beach is not exactly my cup of tea. So I thought that the bay view would offer more entertainment. And I wasn’t disappointed, as I was given a lovely and spacious room on the 5th floor, with a balcony overlooking the marina and the mountains! Super! It was facing south-west, a guarantee for some spectacular sunsets!

A trendy and spacious room on the 5th floor.

It had a queen-size bed, flat screen TV, a mini-bar and free safe. The bathroom was really trendy, with a nice bath and shower, an interesting collection of toiletry goodies, slippers and a fluffy white bathrobe.

On a small table sat a complimentary bottle of red wine and a bottle of still mineral water. On the balcony were two chairs and a small table with on it, an ashtray. I haven’t smoked since I left university (so many decades ago), but the ashtray would come in handy as a paper weight …

I unpacked my luggage, changed clothes and went down for my first lunch on Corfu. The hotel grounds’ were huge, but the beach bar and restaurant were easy to find. While I was overlooking the place, trying to figure out how to proceed next, I noticed an eager hand waving at me! It was C. and her husband P. ‘Come and sit with us’ she mouthed. And so I did … it was the start of what would turn out to be a lovely stay.


chm said...

I don't know about the presidential suite, but from your description it seems yours would be fit for a queen.

Can't wait for the next installment.s

VirginiaC said...

The view from your room is to die happy that you made new friends on your trip....write more soon.

Carolyn said...

Quite the view! How nice to have new friends to do things with.

Bob said...

you sound like a "beach" girl now!!!! sounds like you have met some good company, as opposed to your seat mates on the plane. looking forward to hearing about your trip around the island. hope your friends join the blog.

The Beaver said...

Keep it coming :-)
What a great view from your nice room !

ladybird said...

Chm, I was really happy with the room and hope to get the same one when I go back next year ... Hoping that in the meantime there isn't an unsettling Grexit :(

Virginia, The room was great and making new friends is always exciting and interesting.

Carolyn, They were fun to spend time with, despite (or because of?) their advanced age and sometimes poor mobility. I really enjoyed their company and good spirits. My holiday would't have been the same without them.

Bob, I haven't told my new friends about the blog because their knowledge of the English language is rather basic. So I don't think they would enjoy it.

TB, That's right. The room had everything I wanted - and even more. And the view ... I spent a lot of time enjoying it. It was lovely and entertaining.