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Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I know I promised you another Corfu post and there will be one and even more presently. However, since the sale of the house on July 8th, so much has happened here that I simply find it hard to relive the great times I had on the island. But the photos will help, I'm sure.

As I mentioned in the comment section of my most recent post, the sale of the house was quick, smooth and not even remotely emotional.

My lady notary and I returned back home around 4 p.m., hardly an hour after the said appointment. At five I had an appointment with the new owner to read the gas, electricity and water meters. D. as the new owner is called, had promised to give me a ring as soon as he was at the house. At first I didn't realize that from now on he was the one who was holding the keys and that he had to let me in. Quite a strange feeling. But D. was very punctual, something I thoroughly appreciate, and a few minutes before five my mobile phone rang: 'I'm at the house', D. said. I appreciated the fact that he used the word 'the' house and not 'my' or 'your' house.

I walked over and found the front door open. Another feeling of relief - at least I didn't need to ring the doorbell like a common visitor!!

I walked in and found the place empty, until I heard some noise upstairs. D. and a youngster were already working upstairs. The wallpaper in my mother's former bedroom had already been stripped - hardly two hours after handing over the keys!

We went to the attic where the electricity meter is located, and next to the basement to read the gas and water meters. The next day I took care of the necessary red tape which was quite simple regarding gas and electricity. A single phone call to the gas and electricity board, and Bob's your uncle. Water seemed to be a bit more complicated though, requiring a written statement using a form I was sent by e-mail, photocopies of the new owner's ID card, etc.

I phoned D. and told him what I needed, telling him I would be dropping in on Friday, Jul. 17th to pick up the copies and get the required signatures. I thought the house would still be in its original state, minus the wallpaper.

The living room the way it looked on February 21th, 
when we put the house up for sale.

What I discovered was more than mindblowing ...

The living room on July 17th.
The black stain is where the brick mantelpiece used to be.

And this is the view towards the kitchen.
Recognize it?

Btw, the guy in the photo isn't the new owner.

And there is more, much more ... I know the place is going to be a little gem by the time D. is finished with it and he and his lovely wife, son and daughter move in in October. At least, that's his plan, so the guy isn't wasting any time. Yet, I find it hard to watch, so I'm well staying out of the way, although it's only 50 metres from my doorstep!


chm said...

I'm speechless! Is D. going to rebuild the house from the inside out? I understand your surprise.

Craig said...

He obviously thought that the house has good "bones" but understandably they want to make it their own with redocoration and some updating. It must be strange, but I think it's lovely that the house will be loved and appreciated anew by the new family.

GaynorB said...

I think this happens more and more nowadays. When my daughter bought her house we did exactly the same, although with a good deal less haste. I suspect they have a deadline by which they have to move in and the haste is due to this.
However, I can understand why this is a bit unsettling for you.
Perhaps they will invite you back so that you can view the finished house, so you will be able to see the renovated house and not have to remember just the house in the stripped out state you saw last time.

VirginiaC said...

This was an emotional post for me seen through your eyes, but as Craig above said, they want to make it their own.
I'm sure it will be beautiful when it's all done....stay away for the time being.

ladybird said...

Chm, looks like it, doesn't it :)

Graig, My first reaction was shock, but now, almost a week later, I'm glad this guy bought the house and is giving it a new life. Can't wait to see the finished result.

Gaynor, He promised he would invite us for a BBQ as soon as the house is ready. I'm looking forward to that!

Virginia, I haven't been back since last Saturday and intend to stay away as long as the work is in progress.