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Friday, 2 January 2015

January 1973

Now that my mother has started packing up in view of her upcoming move later this month, she's emptying drawers and cupboards. Every day she's showing me more photos of some of my ancestors who died long before I was born. There are even some she never met, because they lived in the 19th century. By the look of their clothes they seemed to be rather well off, although almost all of them were farmers. Of course, I suppose they put on their Sunday best to drive into Brussels - with horse and cart - to have their photos taken.

But there were also three or so photos of a more recent date. A portrait of myself at the age of maybe 2 - 2.5. So that would put it back to 1959. And then this one ... yet more recent, but nevertheless taken 42 years ago.

New Year's Day 1973.
Left to right: my aunt, my cousin R., my uncle (my father's brother),
my grandmother, my mother and yours truly.

My father is not in the photo because he was the photographer. My grandmother was 78 or 79 at the time and my mother 45. Some people say that at that age she looked like Grace Kelly!  I was on the verge of turning 16 that year.

The photo was taken in my mother's current house. After my grandmother died in July 1977, my parents renovated the place. Today this is my mother's drawing room, Soon it will be somebody else's ... 


Bob said...

We agree, your Mom was beautiful. You were a "hottie" yourself!!! Love the photo. You will be surprised at what you Mom will find now that she's have to look at "everything" and decide what to do with it. That's a long time to live in one house. Must have tons of good memories for you. Thanks for sharing the photo.

Bob said...

oops. ...she has to look... not have

ladybird said...

Bob, You're welcome! :) And yes, I will miss going into the house once it's empty and certainly when it has been sold. But that's life ... We must move forward and be happy and grateful for what we had/have.

Carolyn said...

You and your mother both look sweet in the photo.

Old photos bring back some nice memories.

Louise said...

Wonderful photo...wonderful memories! I remember 1973 as it was the year I left school...Happy New Year Martine. I do hope your mother's move progresses smoothly. said...

Your photo reminds me of my first 2 trips (18 mns) to Europe in '68-69 and '71. I arrived in Bruxelles late at night a day or two after Christmas '68 and we slept in our sleeping bags on the frosty front lawn of some of my friend's friends. When we woke up and went in they were playing the just released Beatles White Album. A week later we were with a family in Bienne, Suisse. Their dining room was so much like your photo. The nostalgia is making me cry. Their home was in the middle of a vineyard over-
looking Lac du Bienne.
The website is loaded with posts from all over the Loire. The blogger, Parisian Bertrand Celce is a professional photographer so it's a very visual blog. Started in '03!
I'm a winemaker so I'm hoping that
your Loire dreams come true and that you can enjoy the huge diversity of food and wine.
Bon Chance,

Anonymous said...

I loved finding all the photos and things from the passed when I packed up to move here, it's a lovely time for you both but also sad.

I hope your mum is very happy in her new home and look forward to hearing how she settles in

ladybird said...

Carolyn, Thank you. There are many more photos like this ... which I won't post :)

Louise, Another two weeks to go ... and yet still a lot of packing to do.

Owen, Thank you for your kind comment. As far as interiors go, styles have changed a lot since the 70-ties.

Vicky, Moving is always a 'moving' experience, though my mother's is not as life changing as yours.

VirginiaC said...

Your Mum DOES look like Grace Kelly...amazing.